As your coach and as a speaker my goal is NOT to help you make little tweaks to your life. My Goal is to provide you the tools and support  you need to completely overhaul how you experience your life! It is my expectation that in exchange for doing your self-work you will walk away from our time together with the confidence,and courage to live and love UNEDITED!

Laser Coaching

Not only is it OK for YOU to focus on YOU, it's OK to reach out for help and allow someone else to focus on YOU too. 

Short and Long term private one on one reality based coaching. Hourly, Monthly and Annual committments available. All training is fully customized to be laser focused on you, your needs and your goals. Program is conducted virtually by phone and video.

Star Power Small Group Coaching

Intimacy, transparency and genuine healing happen in small circles. The more you elevate the smaller your circle will become. 

Join us and rebuild your circle by training with other focused, like minded, and elevated women.  Small group coaching programs consisting of less than 10 women. Programs range anywhere run from 6 weeks to 1 year. Program is conducted virtually by phone and video.

Author Coaching

90 day coaching specially designed for new writers or first time authors. One on one weekly meetings conducted virtually or by phone. Course will take you throught the entire writing, production and publishing process. In 90 days or less you can go from concept to completion and walk away with your very first book in hand. This a one time investment because you will walk away with the skills, tools and contacts to complete future book projects on your own. 

Raising The Bar

Clients have been asking for it and now IT'S BACK!!!!!!

By far our most highly rated group coaching workshop. Raising the Bar is a POWER PACKED, results driven, reality based group coaching program designed specifically for women to learn how to RAISE THE BAR in every aspect of her life, relationships, and business. Each participant is challenged to set ONE SPECIFIC GOAL to tackle then we invest the next 60 days focused on changing habits and developing a road map to ensure success. You will be Challenged, guided, and supported throughout the process. 




Genuine, Inspirational, Real and Relatable, that is how previous attendees have described their keynote experiences. I don't believe in speaking to and audience, I believe in sharing with people! I ensure you will find your experience with me to be engaging and enriching. You will walk away feeling empowered to make changes in your own life, relationships and business affairs. You may chose from one of the hugely poplular speaker keynotes below or we can work together to tailor the message your objectives. 

Live and Love Unedited

Life Experiences can have a way of robbing us of our innocence, stifling our confidence and silencing voices, before we have even noticed it's happened. 

Learning to LIVE AND LOVE UN-EDITED requires us to make the choices and take the chances to reclaim what we have lost. 

In this heartfelt speaker keynote Marz takes us back to visit the many points along her journey where she lost her voice the 3 things you can begin to do TODAY that will take you from voiceless to victorious. You will walk away from this training ready to live out loud, say no unapologetically and Redeem Your Abundance!

I'm Over IT!

As women, one of the biggest lies we tell the world and try to convince ourselves of is.... "I'm OVER IT!" The bad news is, most of the time you are barely even through it, let alone over it. The good news is, it doesn't have to stay that way.

When we allow ourselves to get honest about what we have been through, it's no wonder we want to stuff it away and never think or speak on it again. It's natural. It doesn't make you weak, in fact you survived it! You have already proven that you are strong enough to endure.  I'm here to remind you....... You deserve better!

Walk with me Marz as we break down the real and the raw about how you give away your power when you don't confront the demons in our past. In this speaker training you will learn how to use your past as a building block to create a powerful future.

I'm not HER

This is not like any speaker keynote you've heard  

When we hear the words domestic violence, most of us have a picture that pops up in our sub-concious as to what that looks like....... or should I say, what SHE LOOKS LIKE!

Next thing you know you find yourself saying "I would never be HER". Often followed by the ultimate question "Why does she stay?" and then the pressuming thought "If that was me, I'd leave". If you have done this, this is a safe space. No judgment and no shade, again, this is more common than not, but we challenge YOU to challenge YOURSELF to be BRAVV enough to get uncomfortable for a minute or 60 and allow yourself to view domestic violence through the lens of the abused. 

Find out how many times I told myself "I'm not HER" right up until the day  I looked in the mirror and it was "HER" staring back. Then the question became "How did I get here?" and "How do I find my way out?". Regardless of any personal experience you may or may not have with the reality of Domestic Violence you will learn somethings about compassion, self-love and what it takes to go from being a Survivor to a Champion. 

client impact

Starshine Academy

Tammy G - Director - Phoenix AZ

I brought Marci in as a keynote speaker for our back-to-school training for our teachers. and other school staff. She customized her message to align to our focus areas as an organization. She was the favorite session for most participants. TOP NOTCH!

National Charity League

Shell S - Regional Director - Tucson, AZ

"Marci was a well versed, personable speaker with great energy and insight from her personal experiences. She definitely defines the words "real talk". Her message was the perfect training for our group of women and teenage girls

LJ Bolen -CEO/Founder - Atlanta, GA

"I cannot say enough great things about Marci. She is professional, funny, smart, and extremely passionate about helping others reach their full potential. I've seen firsthand the effect that Marci has on those that she steps before, as a speaker and as a coach and it is amazing! Everyone that completes training with her is blessed to Live Life on Marz for that moment."

The Soul's Poet

Yvette W - Founder - St Louis, MO

"I just love how this coaching program focuses on our personal development along with our business development. A lot of other programs have made it seem like we shouldn't have a life, just a business. When you said to 'build the business to fund the life you want to live,' that changed so much for me."